Welcome to the placental invocations of the Embedded Primal.

Treat them as a hardcover book, a sculpture, and a forest, not as a website or a theory.

Let the Embedded Primal trickle thoroughly into being; do not constrain it to a mirage of completeness or premature universality. Name it what it is to you.

Only the placental invocations can happen with such distance from you and through such a narrow, noisy, corrupted medium (where is your body, where is mine?). Germination and birth are happening with sharper and thicker cords.

What is the Embedded Primal?

Ultimately, it is a Structure, wide as the felt-sense universe. Within the breath of the placental invocations it is an Aesthetic, a philosophy, and a way of being.

If you feel it whispering inside of you – reach out and join us.



Metaphysical foundations


Art as a physicality


Institutional construction



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