A jaguar slinking, close to the ground, its padded feet moving smoothly in one unbroken motion. As a vortex, its body rotates as it moves forward, until its legs, now lengthened into pinpoints front and back, are above it, and its head has fused with its body into a single fluid wisp, that now is pulled upwards. Its lithe twisting and bending guides the wisp organically along invisible terrain, smooth and steep curves. Once it hits a flat area, it stretches itself out into a circle, thickening. Its center unfurls and peels back to form the foundations of a grand building, from within arises a blunt cone which in turn unfurls and peels back, and so on many times until an ancient Japanese temple, towering large and proud, grows towards the heavens. Its wide eaves provide motherly protection to a flourishing copse of small trees.

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