Metaphysical foundations

In the long term, the Embedded Primal’s metaphysics are coherent as a foundation for the rational inquiry into the nature of reality. In addition to building on movements elevating the primal human such as Romanticism and Surrealism, it extends phenomenology and the original postmodernism into a Structure which can effectively propagate those complex metaphysics at an intuitive level and integrate with the well-developed foundations (rapidly disappearing) of the scientific enterprise.

But this is for the future. The potential of this metaphysics will be grasped in raw intuition by the truth-loving, vividly alive person. They will fall apart prematurely if we do not await their lush emergence from our living and breathing soil.

John Keats – Ode to a Nightingale

Marcel Proust – In Search of Lost Time

Ezra Pound – In a Station of the Metro

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