Very preliminary and tentative explorations of concretizing perceptual meta-landscapes, via the walk.

Note: not prescriptive. Useless as an ‘instruction manual’. Instead, nudging-descriptive: it may unlock already-latent perceptual possibilities or open a previously closed source of shift.

Perceptual lenses:

  • Avoid dichotomies
  • Dimensionality (warped as realness)
  • ‘Mossed’
  • Within-projected, not forward-projected
  • People as-within, not abstract-projected inwards
  • Break universalizing colors gripping memory overlayerings; just ‘falling-out’ memory layerings instead, present-moment confluencing
  • Break all forcings into their object-form (ie non-thrusting, thus embedded)

How to extract?

  • Begin not-extracting
  • Allow evolution into words, drawing, movement, music without a priori obligation – “I could just live here without output”

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